Bryn Athyn Announces the Addition of Five New Sports to the College’s Athletic Offerings

Bryn Athyn Announces the Addition of Five New Sports to the College’s Athletic Offerings

Bryn Athyn, Pa. - Bryn Athyn College President Kristin King and Director of Athletics Matthew Kennedy are pleased to announce the addition of five new sports to the college’s athletic offerings. Beginning in 2013–2014, men’s and women’s basketball, women’s lacrosse, and men’s and women’s cross country will be added as intercollegiate varsity sports at Bryn Athyn College.

By fostering commitment, sportsmanship, and charity, the athletic program at Bryn Athyn upholds the College’s mission to enhance students’ civil, moral, and spiritual lives. The Athletic Department is working to find student-athletes who support the mission and demonstrate academic integrity that serves as the foundation for Bryn Athyn College.

Director of Athletics Matthew Kennedy says, “Through these new athletic offerings and a number of new academic opportunities, Bryn Athyn College will continue to strengthen our students intellectually, athletically, and morally.”

These new sports further position Bryn Athyn College competitively in the mid-Atlantic region as the new teams compete against many NCAA Division III schools. Bryn Athyn’s Asplundh Field House will serve as the athletic home for men’s and women’s basketball, and women’s lacrosse will compete on Ebert Memorial Field, currently home to Bryn Athyn’s men’s lacrosse program.

“Bryn Athyn College is committed to maintaining a strong program of intercollegiate athletics marked by excellence and spiritual values,” says Dean of Students Kiri Rogers. “Principles of sportsmanship and fair play take precedence with our student-athletes. The physical and psychological well-being of each participant is affirmed in the context of team camaraderie, skill, and leadership.”

Bryn Athyn’s foundational values are echoed by the College’s athletes. As Bryn Athyn alum Denis Dziekpor puts it, “The Bryn Athyn athletics program is one of those rare platforms for the entire sports community—current students and alumni alike—to gather together to exchange ideas and learn from each other.” And by developing new athletic opportunities, Kennedy is working to expand and strengthen Bryn Athyn’s collaborative athletic community.

The college plans to hire basketball and lacrosse coaches over the next four months. Coaches will cultivate athletes at the college, recruit new players, and build the teams into competitive varsity programs.